Live Music 6/17

Join us for an afternoon of live music with Kayley Renee. Kayley is an up and coming, young, local artist. She has performed many times in our location as well as “a night at the fountains” and many other local venues. This will be her first time presenting some new covers in Ecclesia as well as a couple of her originals. Bring your family and friends for a wonderful afternoon of music, coffee, and community!

One Reply to “Live Music 6/17”

  1. Hey Rochelle,

    Great meeting you just now. You’re a very inspirational person and I have no doubt God’s got even greater things in store for you. I’d like to arrange a time for you to meet with Rod Stafford, my pastor the the person behind our church multiplication initiate. What’s the best way to quickly reach you? Would you feel comfortable providing me with your mobile number so I can reach via text? If so you can just text me at 714-809-6868.


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