Latte of Hope

Today I have a really cool shop to tell you about! I am telling you all of this because we are bringing out our first fall latte a bit early! We are premiering our Latte of Hope today, September 10th, because today is World Suicide Prevention Day. Our inspiration comes from this wonderful shop (Sip of Hope) who focuses on suicide prevention and mental health education. It only seemed right.

In July I had the opportunity to return to Chicago yet again for missions work. Each time I go I intentionally cut out some time for market research in the form of checking out new coffee shops. I always try as many unique drinks as I can to gain inspiration and to learn what is popular in this part of the midwest. 

On this specific trip I made it a point to check out a place called Sip of Hope. I had heard about them and loved their mission from the start. Upon visiting the first time I found an entry way filled with resources, bracelets, pins, and stickers. Sip of Hope takes on the motto that “it is okay not to be okay.” I love that! I tried a couple different beverages while there and my favorite quickly became the Nectar of the Gods! Our newest latte at Ecclesia, the latte of hope, is inspired by this drink and carries many of the same notes with an Ecclesia twist. We wanted to name it the latte of hope as a nod to Sip of Hope.

Along with the drinks, I also spent time observing their baristas and their space in general. There are two things that specifically stood out to me…

  1. There was no mirror in the bathroom. HOW COOL!!! Mirrors are great and all, but they can also be very damaging to those who may be battling different mental health situations such as eating disorders or body image struggles. I love that instead of having mirrors they had murals in their place.
  2. The baristas read the non verbal communication of each customer they interacted with. In doing this, I saw the barista approach each person so individually. Everyone is going through something different in life. I love that these baristas acknowledge this and cater to each person. I even noticed this in my visits on different days; one day I was in a very upbeat mood and I was talked to very light heartedly and welcomed with smiles and jokes whereas another day I went in and I was more tired and my anxiety was higher, they immediately recognized this and spoke gently with understanding and encouragement. I want to learn from this and apply this to my everyday life more and more!

We are just really excited for what they are doing with their shop! As I visit Chicago more in the future I am extremely stoked to visit their shop more and build a relationship with them.

Sip of Hope :

Suicide Prevention Lifeline : 1-800-273-8255

Crisis Text Line : Text CONNECT to 741741

Resources :

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