January Guest Roaster

Over the past three years we have had the opportunity to meet so many wonderful companies in the coffee community; we have shared many cups of coffee, many stories, and so much joy! As we turn three and move into our next year as a business, we are now introducing guest roasters! Y’all!!! We are SO excited! Each month we will carry one single origin bean from PT’s as well as a single origin from a guest. For our very first month we would like to introduce you to a small, Wichita local roaster, Nameless Coffee Co.

The following information comes straight from Nameless, check it out!

WHY NAMELESS? Because it’s not about our name, but the nameless farmers that you will probably never meet. They work hard, day in and out, to produce delicious coffee for us to enjoy! The coffee trade has become a booming business for everyone, except those hard working farmers. So, we have committed to pay them a price that is not just fair, but honest and honoring. We want to give them incentive to continue to work hard to produce something that will actually provide for their families!! Your cup of coffee literally makes a difference every day in the lives of the farmers in Yepocapa, Guatemala!

NAMELESS COFFEE CO started with relationship on the farm level. It began with a trip to Yepocapa, Guatemala to meet the farmers and see the ground level coffee production. This turned into a passion for roasting and brewing coffee at home. When the interest and demand for our coffee among friends and family grew to an amount that we could not satisfy, we invested in a larger roaster and commercial equipment. So here we are, Nameless Coffee Co.

Is there a roaster you would love for us to guest in? Shoot us a comment!

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