Coffee: The story behind the shop

Hi! We are Ecclesia Coffee and we are SO excited to meet you! Let me tell you a little about who we are and why we are here.

Ecclesia Basics

First let’s talk coffee! Our mission at Ecclesia is to provide for your coffee needs with quality hand crafted drinks. We get our coffee from PT’s Coffee located in Topeka Kansas. We are very passionate about ethically purchased and direct trade coffee. This is one of the greatest reasons we have chosen to work with PT’s Coffee where their mission is “without love it’s just coffee.” We also offer tea from an organic, direct trade, tea company out of Kansas City, Missouri.

We do not believe in telling you how you should or should not like to drink your coffee. Sure, we each have preferences, but here at Ecclesia we believe that “not everyone was created single origin.” What we mean by this is that one person may love black coffee and the next may love sweet lattes; one person may only drink single origin coffee, another may only drink organic coffee, and yet another may love blends; one person may love light roast and the next may love dark. How you like to drink your coffee is exactly how we like to make it!


The most frequently asked question we receive is “is this a Christian business?” As you will read in the next section I, Rochelle Stroh the owner, am a believer however let me explain to you what our beliefs are as a business. Ecclesia is a place for all people. We are in no way exclusive to a religion or people group. We believe that a business does not have a spirit or a soul thus it can not have a belief system. The most beautiful thing about community is the ability to coexist alongside people of all walks of life, belief systems or lack there of, race, age, gender, literally everyone.

The owner’s story

My name is Rochelle Stroh and I am the owner of Ecclesia. During the summers of 2009 and 2010 I worked for a traveling missions team called Power Plant with the North American Mission Board. Throughout those summers my heart exploded with love for growing local community and church planting. In the spring semester of my Junior year of college I sat out of school to seek God and His calling over my life. During that time I was called into entrepreneurial ministry thus the idea of Ecclesia was born. Post graduation I moved back to Wichita to begin looking at business locations as well as building my business plan and taking meeting after meeting. In 2015 I was finally able to secure our current location at Maple and Ridge. We spent about six weeks on the remodel and were able to open to the public January 22, 2016.

Ecclesia definition: Ecclesia comes from the verb kaleo, “call” and ek, “out.” So it literally means “called out.” The word has two significant backgrounds for its NT use for “church.” The first is the Greek secular use for the “assembly” or free (called out) citizens in a Greek city. The second, more significant, use is founding the Septuagint. There it refers to the “congregation” of Israel. (Word Meanings in the New Testament: Earle)

4 Replies to “Coffee: The story behind the shop”

  1. Hi Rochelle!! I love the name and your story! Thanks for using your gifts and talents for Jesus. My sister lives in Wichita and mentioned that y’all had recently opened up. My name is Becky Morford and I currently live in Nashville, TN. I am originally from KS and will be visiting my family in the area in July. I am a singer/songwriter and just released my debut album in January and am seeking out different venues to share my music/testimony in! Do y’all ever bring in live music? If so, would you be interested in listening to my album and possibly having me come sing one evening?? Let me know! You can hear my songs on my website. 🙂

    Thanks and God bless!!!

    Becky Morford


    1. Hey! Thank you for this comment! I will definitely look into this and find out why it isn’t there as we did add that at the beginning! I appreciate you alerting us about this issue and we hope to see you soon! BTW we are located at 7130 W Maple #280 Wichita KS 67209 and our phone number is 316-440-3113.


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